Welcome at Bernhard Plantenkwekerij

Phalaenopsis steals the show

Decorative and trendy, that is the orchid Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid. Bernhard Plantenkwekerij B.V. cultivates some 200 varieties of Phalaenopsis in Luttelgeest, Flevoland. With its modern and timeless appearance, this plant fits into practically any interior. Give the Phalaenopsis a solo performance by presenting one plant in a pot, or let them steal the show by placing several next to each other.


On orchid for every taste

The plant family Orchidaceae is one of the greatest that exists worldwide. Originally, the Phalaenopsis grew on trees, in the shade. With its characteristic air roots, this plant draws nutrients and moisture out of the air.

Throughout the year, we have potted orchids for every taste and any interior. Long branches, or shorter ones, in serene white or even speckled pink: Bernhard Plantenkwekerij B.V. is the address for Phalaenopsis.



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