How to take care of your phalaenopsis

Good care ensures longer enjoyment

With these care tips from Bernhard Plantenkwekerij B.V., you and your customers will have longer enjoyment of our orchids.


Phalaenopsis care tips

The houseplant Phalaenopsis loves a light space, preferably without sunlight and with a temperature between 19 and 21 ᴼC. Give the plant water once per week or dip them in a lukewarm bath. Let the orchid drain well afterwards.

A well-cared for Phalaenopsis is recognizable from the bright green air roots. In dry plants, these roots become grey.

When the blooms of the Phalaenopsis are exhausted, you can trim the branch above an eye. After a number of weeks to months, a new branch will grow, which can provide flowers again.


Bernhard Plantenkwekerij Luttelgeest Orchidee Phalaenopsis 

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