Company info

From father to (grand)son

The Bernhard family is a real gardening family. Bram Bernhard explains: 'My grandfather cultivated vegetables and flowers in Amsterdam. When my father joined the company and there were no possibilities for expansion in Amsterdam, the family relocated in 1972 to Luttelgeest in the Noordoostpolder. Years later, my brother Simon and I joined the company. We currently cultivate cut roses, 200 kinds of Phalaenopsis, various kinds of bedding and container plants.'


Environment, sustainability and top quality

Bernhard Plantenkwekerij B.V. has an eye for the environment. 'By clustering the rose nursery and the Phalaenopsis greenhouse, we utilize the excess heat and CO2 released 24 hours per day. Roses need a great deal of light and CO2, while the Phalaenopsis needs a great deal of heat and only uses CO2 at night. We combine this sustainable energy supply with an ingenious internal transportation system. We can thus deliver top quality at a favourable price.'


Air-conditioned transportation for flowers and plants

The Bernhard family also has a transport company for air-conditioned transportation of flowers and plants. A team of regular drivers ensure daily transportation, e.g. to and from auctions.


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